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Princess M's Tea Time Cucumber Sandwich

Today was Princess M's 1st day of kindergarten (excuse me while I wipe away a tear... kinda bitter-sweet), and I have been preparing for it in many ways... particularly in regard to her lunches.  I want her to eat a healthy lunch, but not have her feeling deprived when she sees the other kids whip out Twinkies and Cheetos.  On Monday, I had my mom watch my two youngest while I took her shopping.  We went to 3 stores in search of her favorite lunchbox worthy foods.  I bought her Trader Joe's Dried Fruit Bars, Trader Joe's Cinnamon Schoolbook Cookies, fresh strawberries, edamame, Trader Joe's Organic Popcorn With Olive Oil (our favorite!), peaches (Princess M's favorite fruit), salsa, tortilla chips and a few other things.  As far as her sandwich goes, this was a little tricky.  She is so picky, I've been troubleshooting some of my ideas with her over the past few weeks.  This cucumber sandwich was #1 on the list.  I'm a little shocked, as she only has a handful of veggies she likes, and the ones used in this sandwich weren't on her list.  I did tell her that Queens and Princesses eat these when they have tea parties, so that may have been a big selling point.

It was great to see her so exciting about packing her princess lunch box with her favorite things... and it felt even better to know that what she would be eating everyday was soul satisfying and good for her!

3 tablespoons thawed frozen chopped spinach
2 tablespoons finely chopped red onion
8 oz vegan 'cream cheese' (I used Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheese)
1 English cucumber, cut into thirds and then sliced lengthwise
whole wheat bread

1.  Mix spinach, red onion and 'cream cheese' and spread a little on each slice of bread.
2.  Place a layer of cucumber on one of the slices.
3.  Close the sandwich and slice.  I you wanted, you could use cookie cutters to make different/fun shapes.



Morgan-- said…
I cant believe she started school today! Dont cry, dont cry! The sandwich is perfect for a healthy school lunch!
aimee said…
Looks delightful! Hope the first day of school goes swimmingly!
Debbie said…
You are such a good mom! I remember when I had to pack lunch for my 5 kids. I always wondered what they traded they tried to trade. You will have to ask Morgan that one. I know when my Mom sent carrot sticks in my lunch, I always tried to trade them for the Hostess cream filled cupcakes. Noone would ever trade me....I guess that was good for me. The cucumber sandwich sounds yummy-I will have to try that one for my lunch. You never stop shedding a tear for your kids. Even when my oldest son, Ryan, went off to college-just down the road 10 miles, I cried all night. It never ends-LOL
kmberrien said…
My boy starts kindergarten in a few weeks. I wonder if princes and kings or english pirates perhaps, eat those cucumber sandwiches for lunch too?

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