Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dr. J's Tropical Granola

My hubby loves granola.  While he was in dental school, he left our apartment every day before 5:00am and didn't return until late in the evening.  Because of his schedule, he found it hard to eat normal meals, and because we were living on such a tight budget, he rarely bought food at school.  This is where granola saved him.  He could easily take it with him and it gave him protein from the nuts and carbohydrates from the oats which helped to get him through the day.  Because he ate it so much, we had to mix it up.  Sometimes he even would make his own granola bars.  Usually he liked some form of chocolate in his granola, but I wanted to branch out a little with this recipe.  He does have a soft spot for dried pineapple, so I added that to satisfy his sweet tooth.  This is easy to make and the added bonus is it makes your house smell phenomenal for hours!

3 cups rolled oats
1 cup raw almonds
1 cup raw cashews
1 cup shaved coconut
1 cup dried pineapple
1/4 cup maple syrup
1/4 cup coconut oil
1/4 cup dark brown sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1.  In a large bowl, mix almonds, cashews, oats, coconut, and brown sugar.
2.  In a separate bowl, mix maple syrup, oil and vanilla.
3.  Pour wet mixture over the dry mixture and stir to coat.
4.  In a preheated 250 degree F oven, bake for 1 hour, stirring every 20 minutes to make sure it cooks evenly.
5.  I added the pineapple to the granola the last 20 minutes because I wanted it caramelize a bit, but you could just add it after you take the granola out of the oven if you prefer it just as it is.


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Morgan-- said...

Looks YUMMY! I made granola yesterday myself. It did nake the house smell great!!Mine had coconut, almonds, wheat germ, oh, and some chocolate chips. YUM! Granola is awesome and so much cheaper when you make it at home!!! Great recipe girll!